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Divorce and the Matrimonial Home - What Happens to Your Home When You Get Divorced

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While you are enjoying a happy marriage, the definition of what constitutes the matrimonial home is of little significance; it’s on the dissolution of your marriage that the definition is of crucial importance, since the matrimonial home is given special treatment when it comes to the division of property upon divorce. There are specific rules regulating how the matrimonial home is to b...Read More

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3 Minor Fixes That Are A MUST!

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Before you even think about putting that FOR SALE sign up, there are certain little bare necessities that you should take care of. These constitute the barest minimum that must be done before your house should be open for showing. Unlike expensive, major renovations that are an option but not indispensable, these are simple cosmetic touch-ups that unless done, will give any prospective buyer the i...Read More

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For Sale By Owner vs. For Sale By REALTOR®

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It’s a sellers’ market, and it’s so hot that houses are virtually selling themselves and multiple offers are the flavour of the moment.  From the outside looking in, it seems to be unbelievably easy to sell a house in this market. Therefore, many sellers find themselves asking whether they should hire a Realtor or simply sell their homes themselves.  The truth of t...Read More

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Advertise Wise!

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As we mentioned in our last blog, there are two main reasons why houses don’t sell – overpricing and insufficient exposure. Exposure relates to how your property is marketed, at whom it is targeted, and what methods of reaching your target market are used. Second only to pricing, marketing is of crucial importance – the more exposure your property gets, the higher your ...Read More

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When it comes to buying a property, the three most important things to bear in mind are location, location, location.  When it comes to selling property, there are two – pricing and marketing. Regardless of what anyone may have told you, essentially there are two reasons why houses don’t sell – overpricing and insufficient exposure.  If a house is priced correctly and i...Read More