By: Team Unique

3 Minor Fixes That Are A MUST!

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Before you even think about putting that FOR SALE sign up, there are certain little bare necessities that you should take care of. These constitute the barest minimum that must be done before your house should be open for showing. Unlike expensive, major renovations that are an option but not indispensable, these are simple cosmetic touch-ups that unless done, will give any prospective buyer the impression that you have no pride in your home, and will leave them wondering what worse to expect. After all, if the tiny issues haven’t been addressed, what are the chances of more problematic and potentially expensive issues cropping up in the future? So, before you frighten off any potential buyer within their first few minutes in your home, make sure you remove all the issues that may cause concern and hinder a potential sale.
As with all the strategies we recommend, these constitute mere suggestions that will of course be dependent on your available budget.  However, if you can afford to do little more than clean your home, at the very least attempt to take care of the following in order of priority:
1) Little Fixes
Little fixes are the barest minimum you should do. These include but are not limited to:

2) Minor Leaks
We are all well aware of the destructive power of water over time. Even the tiniest of leaks can lead to some major water damage in the future.  The good news is that many leaks arise from minor problems that are fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to resolve, such as re-grouting a problem area in a washroom. However, the underlying perception that small leaks can turn into larger ones and involve costly repairs down the road will, in all likelihood, put off even the most motivated buyer. Even if a buyer doesn’t immediately detect any problems, a home inspector certainly will. Therefore, it is imperative that any leaks are resolved before your house goes on the market.
3) Small Holes
Nothing affects aesthetics as negatively as gaping holes in drywalls. Patching holes in drywall is not only cheap, but also extremely easy to do. Nowadays there are numerous patching options available, including but not limited to self-adhesive fiberglass tapes or metal reinforced patches that require minimal skill to use. With many affordable and easy options available, you can ensure that all holes are patched and painted over before your first showing.
On a Final Note
The truth is that even if you do absolutely nothing to your home, it will still sell. Every house sells provided it is priced correctly. We have been into properties that have had us rushing home for a shower after a five-minute visit! And guess what? They sold! Your home will sell regardless of whether or not you choose to do anything to it at all. However, then you must accept that if you’re selling a dump, you have to price it accordingly. If you’re prepared to put in a little effort, you increase your chances of selling quicker substantially, and stand to reap bigger rewards.